We bring to you the best combination,
natury and luxury together!

Why us?

DC&K Natural Luxury provides you with unique and award-winning products of exceptional quality, that offer luxury but are also safe for the skin, the body and the environment.

The "I Numeri Primi" cosmetics are 100% vegan products, produced, packaged and distributed with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Our philosophy

Think Green

The Organic – Bio – Vegan concepts reflect the content, the Luxury concept reflects the velvety feeling that embraces them. This is our rationale for the brands and products we bring to you, products that stand out thanks to these quality features.

Unfortunately, people have found some shocking ways to incorporate unwanted animal ingredients into their daily products. Makeup and other beauty products are known to include urine, hooves, insects, sheep wool and more. If you have not eaten these ingredients, then why would you want to put them on your skin, where they can be absorbed into your body? As our body is accustomed to digesting edible plants, it absorbs plant elements just as well through the skin. Instead of applying harsh chemicals or unwanted products that can speed up the aging process, it is best to opt for natural and healthy ingredients. And with vegan products you can give your skin the fuel it needs to stay alive and youthful!