Body Cleansers

Body cleansers are also valuable allies. The best choice? Always opt for gentle products that provide the right amount of moisture and leave the skin nourished and soft, without further depleting it of essential lipids.

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  • Pure Dead Sea Salts No. 19

    Pure Dead Sea bath salts contain a high concentration of mineral trace elements that detoxify and purify. Delicately scented with Orange essential oil, they guarantee a regenerating and relaxing bath for those who suffer from swollen legs and feet, muscular pains, psoriasis and cellulite, giving a pleasant and lasting sensation of lightness and well-being.

  • Sensitive Body Cleanser No. 19

    The cleanser softens, smoothes and gently cleanses even the most sensitive skin. The daily shower or bath becomes a pleasant moment to keep the skin elastic and moisturised.

  • Gentle Shower Shampoo No. 47

    The gentle formula defends against harmful environmental effects, protects and smoothes, is anti-allergenic and softens the skin. The moisturising, calming, soothing Aloe Vera juice prevents dehydration and redness, leaving even the most delicate skin soft and lightly scented.